Our services


On the spot repairs

Punctures w/ tube
£16 (+£5 for non standard bikes)
Tyre fitting w/o tube or tyre
Cable replacement w/ cable (brake or gear)
£15 (+£10 if internally routed)
Gear OR Brake adjustment
Wheel true
Spoke replacement
Hub adjustment
Headset Adjustment
Chain fitting
Bar tape fitting
Pedal Fitting

General repairs

Drivetrain Service (inc degrease)
Brake Service
Headset Service
BB Service
Hub Service
Wheel true w/ spoke replacement
Tubeless Tyre Fitting (inc tape and sealant)
£25 per tyre
Brake bleed
£20 per end
Wheel build


Basic service/tune up


Bike wiped down
Wheels trued
Hubs/Headset/BB adjusted
Gears and Hanger adjusted
Brakes adjusted
Bolt check
Parts replaced as needed (ex BB/Headset/Spokes/Hub bearings/Chain & Cassette/Chainrings)

General service

£80 (Singlespeed £60)

Bike cleaned and Chain & Cassette de-greased
Wheels cleaned, trued & spoke replacement as needed
Gears and brakes completely reset
Hubs adjusted
Headset serviced
BB serviced
Bolt checked and test ridden
Parts replaced as needed (ex hub bearings)

Full service

£130 (Singlespeed £110)

Bike fully stripped and completely cleaned and degreased inc all parts
All moving parts and bearings serviced
Standard Cables always replaced and included in price
Parts replaced as needed
Bike bolt checked and test ridden

Kids bike service


Bike wiped down
Brakes & Gears adjusted
Wheels trued
Hubs/BB/Headset Adjusted
Bike bolt checked

Bike build

£180 (Singlespeed £150)

Bike built up from the ground up from new or old parts
Cleaning of all parts to be fitted
Standard Cables included in price
Bike test ridden
Free tune up service 6-8 weeks after assembly

New Bike PDI (in or out of box)


Final assembly carried out (Fit handlebars, pedals, wheel etc...)
Gears/brakes setup
Bike bolt checked